What We Do

Our job is to produce to the exact expectation of the client. That imposes on us a duty to know exactly what you as a client want: as to the type of fabric, designs and other requirements, and produce exactly to your expectations. 

Protective Clothing

Aprons, Overcoat, Overall, Hi Vi Vest, Scrabs, Nosemasks, Uniforms, Etc.

Men's Clothing

Shirts, Trousers, Caftans, 3 Piece (Agbada), Suits, Shorts, Clerical shirts, Casuals, Etc.

Ladies Clothing

Jumpsuit, Slit and kaba, Snickers, Dresses, Bridal, wardrobe, Casuals, Etc.

Kids Clothing

Uniforms, Party dresses, Casuals, School play group uniforms, Etc.

Printing & Embroidery

T-shirts, Polo shirts, Uniforms, Nose Masks, Etc


Choir, Graduation, Ceremonies, Etc

Satisfied Clients

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